Tailored Made Curriculum to help the schools and the teachers
whether English, Physics or Football, Haida has tailored made curriculums that
empower our teachers to focus on what they do best: inspiring students and
broadening horizons.
ChinaTefl - Haida offers this free of charge and once again is recognised as being the most innovative education company in China
Haida is now authorised to teach the Chinese Governments only recognised TEFL certification
We currently offer this as a free service, call, or email for details
Teacher Training Program
Teachers need guidance, support and curricular resources to be effective in the
classroom and to reach their potential. With our online curriculum management
system, Haida provides everything that a teacher could need. Teachers are placed
in an education setting where they can impact students' lives, and are then
given teaching materials and guidance on the course's syllabus. Teachers can express their
style and creativity as long as the course's main objectives are being achieved. During
the course of their contract with Haida, they will participate in a non-intensive online
teacher training program. The Haida Teacher Trainers will follow-up with teachers
throughout the school year to see if they need support with any issue.