Haida HR has deployed more than 2,000 foreign language experts to over 200 institutions in the last two decades. The initiatives taken by us helped improve the Chinese students' comprehensive qualities and the teaching methods of Chinese institutions, on the other hand, the organization provided employment to numerous English teachers across the globe.

At Haida Interact Interantional, we have been working vehemently towards taking the education sector in China to a whole new level. To achieve this goal, we hire English teachers from all over the world, and provides them placement at schools in China.  Haida HR strives to create an international curriculum system which would be beneficial for students at different learning stages. The organization also aims at laying a solid foundation for domestic students to study abroad with the help of teachers from beyond the seas.

If you would like to  work with Haida HR, all that is required is a Bachelor’s degree or higher, a passport with validity of at least 6 months, Certificate of No Criminal Record and a fully completed application form along with a 2x2 inch photo.

And above that, you must also possess TESOL, TEFL, CELTA and other relevant teaching certificates (120 hours and above). While Teacher Interns can get through without any experience, as a full-time teacher you will be required to hold at least one year of teaching experience.

For a teacher recruited by Haida HR, the average salary package depends upon the location, school and teacher’s experience. Primary job locations remain Hangzhou, Chengdu and Shenzhen. Haida HR places most of the hired teachers to government public schools in China. The organization also provides a 3 day course for cultural acclimatization of teachers in China.

Haida HR strives to open opportunities in the field of international education through its unremitting efforts. To facilitate the international teachers explore job opportunities in China, the organization has recently offered a free China TEFL course. Haida HR also offers free accommodation to the teachers it hires.

Established in the year 1994, we were previously known as the Foreign Expert Services Department of Zhejiang Interact International Association. Our specialization was supplying schools with foreign education experts and subsequent post-entry service.